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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Good time of year

Just read Grimbos post and much the same here, out and about spending time in the woods and walking the paths that are starting to get overgrown. All number of birds about now including regular sightings of the buzzards that seem to be about the area more than ever and hoping to locate where they are nesting. House martins now taken to the four boxes under the eaves and nice to see them back as they did not nest here last year.
Some projects started and will post when complete but seem to be on the web less and less lately so maybe this is a sign of things to come. Back from a holiday in Cornwall which was taken up with walking, observing and taking photos.
Fishing season starts soon so time roving the streams and rivers of Sussex will be good.
Any comments on this post welcome and be sure to to keep in touch.


  1. hi al,i will be looking forward to some carp you have to have a permit for the rivers around you?

  2. The swallows fly round and round our house in spring and I have not seen them nest here yet! Plenty of overhanging eve, so I wonder why they don't nest?!

  3. Hi Grimbo,
    No probs with fishing the places I go.
    I tend to look out streams and drainage dykes around the Pevensey Marshes and have had some good wild carp from these, they are not huge but boy do they go.
    I have also found a stream that holds a good head of chub, (my favourite fish to catch), and I just wander around with rod, landing net and a waistcoat with bits and bobs. I find places by looking on the OS maps and go alone and do not bring attention to myself this way. I have sometimes been found by farmers or landowners but in most cases they seem OK as they realise I'm just an old git out for some peace and quiet.
    I never fish commercial lakes or rivers as I enjoy the hunt for somewhere new, and in some cases have been really happy with the results.
    Good luck with the season.